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Packer Engineering is a Trademark of Engineering Answers, Inc.
Packer Engineering Group possesses the expertise to evaluate the performance and reliability of various building elements and structural designs.  Our structural engineers can evaluate every type of structure for structural integrity, including parking garages, foundations, signs, silos, building frames, bridges, retaining walls, towers and cranes.  Packer Engineering Group also evaluates and provides solutions to problems involving collapse, excessive deflection and material deterioration.  Packer's structural capabilities include evaluation and/or assessment of:

                                                 - Building Frames                                  - Facades
                                                 - Foundations                                        - Parking Garages
                                                 - Bridges                                                - Retaining Walls
                                                 - Plazas                                                 - Signs, Cranes & Towers
                                                 - Wind & Storm Damage

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional structures belong to the world of Structural Engineering.  Let Packer Engineering Group's professional engineering staff help you find answers to any of your structural questions.