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Daniel J. Roig, Ph.D., PE, SE

Vice President Biomechanics/Structural Engineering

 Packer Engineering Group

Dr. Daniel Roig is Vice President of the Biomechanics and Structural Engineering practice areas of Packer Engineering Group, a multi-disciplinary engineering and technical consulting firm located in the Chicago metro area.  He consults on all aspects of biomechanics including whiplash, head & neck injuries, low & high speed vehicle collisions, slip trip & falls, joint implants, lumbar spine disc degeneration, child and adult head trauma and in associating injuries to accident scenarios.  He is a licensed structural engineer which enables him to analyze how human responses to an accident are influenced by their interaction with buildings and other structures.


Dr. Roig’s structural engineering background makes him an expert in failure analysis for buildings, industrial equipment & supports, wooden structures, roof trusses, bridges, engineered beams, roof collapse, wall buckling, stage collapse, deck collapse, railing falls and many other structural issues.  His experience includes over 40 years of work in designing, evaluating, managing and investigating structural projects.


Dr. Roig holds professional engineering licenses in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Hawaii as well as structural engineering licenses in Illinois and Hawaii.  He teaches an annual Timber Design refresher course for the Structural Engineering Association of Illinois.  He is a Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC), by the American College of Forensic Examiners.