Packer Engineering Group  (866) 264-4126
Packer Engineering is a Trademark of Engineering Answers, Inc.
Packer Engineering utilizes Applied Mechanics, commonly reffered to as Engineering Mechanics, to examine the effect and response of components and structures to external forces.  We use theoretical as well as applied mechanics to perform stress and strain testing.  Service we offer include but are not limited to:

- Product Design Evaluation:
          - Stress Analysis
          - Materials Selection

- Product Testing:
          - Linear & Torsional Vibration
          - Static and Dynamic Load Testing
          - Fatigue Testing
          - Experimental Measurements
          - Impact Testing
          - Specialized Fixturing
          - Customized Mechanical Testing

- Failure Analysis:
          - Identification of Failure Mode/Type
          - Analysis of Operational Environment
          - System and Component Evaluation
          - Materials Evaluation
          - Remedial Measures

Packer Engineering Group has lab facilities that can create custom fixtures for testing saving you time and provides the ability to make changes to fit your testing needs.